Executive Development and change consultants

Oliver Trapp, PhD

Managing Partner/Founder

International Coach and Consultant. Dr. Trapp has developed executive teams in the US, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. He has led the implementation of change processes, leadership competency models, and leadership academies in multinational companies. As Mastertrainer in Leadership, Communication, Presentation Skills, Customer Service, Teamwork, and Emotional Intelligence he has trained thousands of executives. 

Design of Leadership Competency Model and development/delivery of three tiered Leadership Academy for international financial institution with 600+ participants.

Customer Service Excellence program with leading Destination Management Company and 800+ participants in Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica.

Facilitation of 5 day Leadership Pipeline program with international company in UK, Denmark, India, Panama, US, Peru, Brazil.

Development of Leadership instructors for international training company.

Training in leadership, emotional intelligence, customer service, communication skills of thousands of team members and executives with 1 day and multi day programs.

who we are

our Experience

our approach

the right Leaders create change. we develop the right leaders.

We believe that engaged employees do more than support change, they create it. We also believe that each employee has to be a leader of him or herself.


We use training strategically to move companies in the right direction. Leadership development stands at the core of our effort.  Our world-class facilitators provide a framework to align all parts, hold everyone accountable, and measure impact.

Our proven development methodology is empirical, strong on coaching, facilitation, engagement, and follow up, and backed by the latest research findings in leadership science, communication skills, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and relevant philosophical schools.

We belief that effective leadership is more than a collection of techniques. To achieve lasting change and be capable to inspire others to excellence, one has to truly transform oneself first. To become a true leader and to be able to consistently act with full intention, reason, and emotion, one has to internalize a new set of knowledge and beliefs, embrace relevant principles, acquire new attitudes, dispositions, and habits, thoroughly know one's emotions and desires, and shift one's perception of the world.

The transformation of the team, the company, and the client relations, starts with the transformation of the Self.